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“That Irregular Galvanic Twitch” is a new release of “Sound Anatomy”. An album is based on free improvisation and the main tendencies and innovations of experimental jazz, electroacoustic and contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. This album was recorded by “BARK!” – it’s Rex Casswell (electric guitar), Phillip Marks (percussion) and Paul Obermayer (electronics). The musicians are famous improvisers of avant-garde and experimental jazz scene – they have an astonishing and bright sound, expressive playing manner tinged with invention, creativity and drive.

“That Irregular Galvanic Twitch” is full of relations between modern tendencies of contemporary academical music and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Three musicians are improvising together, masterfully reacting to each other’s playing, spontaneous changes, sudden turns and finally join together independent and contrasting improvisations of each musician to one musical pattern. The music is based on open form and free improvisation – that leads to bright, exciting, thrilling, passionate and driving mood. A bright and ecletic melody line is fullfilled with electronics and heavy riffs of electric guitar. A guitarist Rex Casswell is using bright and vital expressions, special effects, inventive and radical musical decisions and dozens of different moods. His music is moving from heavy angry riffs to stable bass line, when straight to luminous, cracking and wild culminations with sparkling solos tinged with special effects and strange timbres. Stable bass line, repetitive series, monotonous rhythms and silent pauses contain the base of abstract and subtle pieces which are frequently played in meditative, contemplative, minimalistic or solemn mood. Hot thrills, bursts of energy, cracking twisting solos, expressive melodies, driving sessions and striking, hot and explosing culminations contain another side of his music – it has remarkable, inspiring and vital mood. Just like other jazz masters, Rex Casswell is making the first priority to sonoristic experiments, invention of strange and original playing techniques, expansion of technical abilities and the creation of innovative touching conception. His eclectic, vital, modern and driving electric guitar gently fits together with electronics mastered by Paul Obermayer. The musician is mixing up together huge range of electronics – glitch, amplifications, synth tunes, computer and electronic devices sounds, ambient, drone, in-puts, sound machine’s experiments are gently brought together. Modern innovations, strange timbres, special effects, synthesized tunes and other elements, as well, make an effective, bright and modern sound and colorful background. Percussion by Phillip Marks is colorful, expressive and filled with eclectic contrasting fusions – breaking sessions, expressive melodies, luminous riffs and driving mood are always accompagnied by exotic tunes, rare combos, strange timbres, tappings, cracking, hot thrills, loud beats and other sounds. That finally makes an exciting, thrilling, dynamic and vital sound.

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